Friday, July 25, 2014

Pics of work

Hi guys, pictures from work!

These are huge 60 ft by 12 ft wide sun blocks, they are so big that we had to break them into sections of 8 pr each piece. It takes me a day to make one full sunblock (8 pieces)

Today I was making really big gates. They are 123 inches high.

Here is one gate, I'm in the middle of making four. I still need to add a padlock and a cane post.

These are 2 slick welds.. One on either side 

I made cooking utensil holders for the kitchen. One says "spoons" and the other one says "Things"

God I'm an amazing welder! Perfectly spaced whip, totally straight. This is the bees knees of aluminum MIG welding.

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  1. welding is a mystery to me, but you've got the talent and skill!