Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Heidi post

Well I haven't blogged in months. It's super hard to do from my phone.

Big news with the Galloway household. Drew and I are bringing a third into our crazy life.
She is a darling 16year old. And she is our goddaughter.

Heidi-Paige will be moving in with us at the end of this school year. Some of you have met her over the years and those who haven't, will be delighted and dazzled by our girl.

She is coming to us in her final years of high school and we are hoping that we can help her reach her education goals, teach her some life skills, and get her ready for the world.

She isn't a city girl, so we expect some she will need some time to settle in.

We are thrilled and also scared about such a huge commitment. We know that we will need to make some changes, and some small sacrifices. (No 2 week vacation in October) but it is worth it in every way.

People ask if we are going to move, the answer is no. We live in an amazing apartment building where we have our pets, a garage for a work shop and storage, and we know all of our neighbours. I feel like this is a safe spot for Heidi. maybe next year we will consider buying, but that is in the far future.

My fabulous dad is coming to Vancouver to help me set up Heidi's room. As in, we are building it from scratch. We are putting in temporary walls, a sliding barn door, and drywall. I'll paint them in The colours Heidi chooses.

We hope you accept her as a part of our family, and love her as much as we do.

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  1. It is good to share yourself with someone special.