Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Heidi post

Well I haven't blogged in months. It's super hard to do from my phone.

Big news with the Galloway household. Drew and I are bringing a third into our crazy life.
She is a darling 16year old. And she is our goddaughter.

Heidi-Paige will be moving in with us at the end of this school year. Some of you have met her over the years and those who haven't, will be delighted and dazzled by our girl.

She is coming to us in her final years of high school and we are hoping that we can help her reach her education goals, teach her some life skills, and get her ready for the world.

She isn't a city girl, so we expect some she will need some time to settle in.

We are thrilled and also scared about such a huge commitment. We know that we will need to make some changes, and some small sacrifices. (No 2 week vacation in October) but it is worth it in every way.

People ask if we are going to move, the answer is no. We live in an amazing apartment building where we have our pets, a garage for a work shop and storage, and we know all of our neighbours. I feel like this is a safe spot for Heidi. maybe next year we will consider buying, but that is in the far future.

My fabulous dad is coming to Vancouver to help me set up Heidi's room. As in, we are building it from scratch. We are putting in temporary walls, a sliding barn door, and drywall. I'll paint them in The colours Heidi chooses.

We hope you accept her as a part of our family, and love her as much as we do.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Okanagan trip

On The drive down, Alfie peed on our foamy.

Amy's wedding was themed as a mad Hatter party. So We all made pretty hats!
Alfie loved dad's fancy rocking chair
Drew made his own hat too!
Eating in Enderby Before the party
Finished the hat!
Ashton creek! Such a wonderful spot. Right along the river, camping and large hall with full kitchen. I think next family reunion should be here
Grammy and I. We went to the anchor inn for lunch
 My friend Collette had a baby girl 6 months ago. Delilah is the happiest baby girl in the world! Full of laughs, big smiles and she is just so beautiful.

One last picture of my best friend and me! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weddings and all that jazz

Last weekend I rushed down to Kamloops for the night.
A close friend got married, it was a beautiful ceremony and a rad reception. 

I sprained my ankle and also re injured the whiplash from the accident. It was a hell of a time

My best friend had her baby 2 moths ago. I love him so much!!! I got to hold him through the wedding and I hogged him all evening too. 

This weekend I'm going to enderby to celebrate my best friends marriage. I'm the maid of honor. Amy eloped last year. 

I'm still losing weight, but it is going much slower. I just want to keep dropping it like I was when I was huge. I've been buying some clothes as I can't keep up with sewing my wardrobe smaller.
My skinny clothes from before the accident are now much to big!!! Shopping is becoming fun since I can wear normal sized clothing. I can't wait to be an average size! 3 more sizes to my goal. And when I hit it, I'll have to come up with a new goal!
I altered this dress and now love it so much. I wear it almost every day. Haha

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My friend, Trang, is a fisher women. Drew and I went to fishermans warf in Steveston last week to visit her. We came home with a sink full of yummy food. Shrimp, sole and sockeye.
Today was my fourth week seeing my nutritionist. One more appointment and I'm flying solo! 
Here are some face pictures of my heaviest and now.
I got a cute new tattoo. I got a chubby welder girl! I've got to represent my awesome career! I'll take a picture of her when she is healed.
Drew likes to dress Alfie, and thinks its hilarious..... Every time he does it. Hah
Trang (fisher women) took me on and Lola on a date to watch the sunset. Then we went for sushi and a beer in the park. 
Ahhhhh. I cannot complain about the view!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Smoke on the water

Mom came up for a visit last weekend. She brought along some old records for Greg and I to fight over. It was also Drew and my anniversary. We bought a cute all in one record player. 

As you know it's been a pretty dry summer. This is a sunset from all the smoke in the air. The moon is fire red and so is the sun! 

I bought a table! I can't believe I bought a piece of furniture! Mom bought the chairs. I feel so fancy. 

And...... I look like a redneck. Mom brought down a whack of old pictures with her. This one makes me laugh

Alfie wants you to know that he is a good dog. He's a puppy, but he is a good dog. 

Pics of work

Hi guys, pictures from work!

These are huge 60 ft by 12 ft wide sun blocks, they are so big that we had to break them into sections of 8 pr each piece. It takes me a day to make one full sunblock (8 pieces)

Today I was making really big gates. They are 123 inches high.

Here is one gate, I'm in the middle of making four. I still need to add a padlock and a cane post.

These are 2 slick welds.. One on either side 

I made cooking utensil holders for the kitchen. One says "spoons" and the other one says "Things"

God I'm an amazing welder! Perfectly spaced whip, totally straight. This is the bees knees of aluminum MIG welding.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alfie and work outs

Alfie finally got fixed!! He had some complications of course. And he had to get a biopsy done from his toe. He has been back and forth with infections since he was tiny! He has stitches in his foor, a cone around his head and he can't exercise for 4 days. 
Alfie is a 9 month old 58 pound baby.... He is going crazy being inside! We got him some games and a food ball and bones to try to entertain him. He's driving us nuts!!

I have been working out like crazy! Weigh is dropping still, this week was 3 pounds. On the 23rd I have my trainer and she will take my measurements again.

Last month I Lost 7.5 inches! 
Chest-1 inch
Waist- 2 inches
Abs -2.5 inches
Hips -1.5 inches
Thighs -1/2 inch