Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My friend, Trang, is a fisher women. Drew and I went to fishermans warf in Steveston last week to visit her. We came home with a sink full of yummy food. Shrimp, sole and sockeye.
Today was my fourth week seeing my nutritionist. One more appointment and I'm flying solo! 
Here are some face pictures of my heaviest and now.
I got a cute new tattoo. I got a chubby welder girl! I've got to represent my awesome career! I'll take a picture of her when she is healed.
Drew likes to dress Alfie, and thinks its hilarious..... Every time he does it. Hah
Trang (fisher women) took me on and Lola on a date to watch the sunset. Then we went for sushi and a beer in the park. 
Ahhhhh. I cannot complain about the view!

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  1. It is joyous.

    I wish I looked good in a cowboy shirt.